Call for input of early career researchers for the (online) Dutch Polar Symposium 2020

Dear APECS members in the Netherlands

The annual Dutch Polar Symposium will take place online on December 1st. A live event is out of the question due to the COVID-19 measures which are in place, but the Netherlands Polar Programme of NWO, in close collaboration with APECS NL, is compiling a shorter, online programme with talks, pre-selected videos and other resources. The event will be hosted from a studio by a small team led by none other than Peter Kuipers Munneke.

APECS NL is searching for engaging material from early career researchers to be showcased on the online symposium. We are thinking along the lines of a virtual gallery that attendants can explore during and after the symposium, of which several highlights can be shown or discussed in a plenary session. 

We are open to receive contributions in different formats, but we urge you to submit short, visual material rather than powerpoints or large posters. You could for instance make a short video or cartoon about your research, showcase your fieldwork or field site with a photograph or video or suggest a topic for an online talk. Please contact us a.s.a.p. in case you have a suggestion for a talk. Materials will be showcased on a dedicated website for the Dutch Polar Symposium for participants to browse through and our own website.

Detailed info:

Dutch Polar Symposium – December 1st – online

Potential contributions:
Suggestions for a short video talk: If you have a highly relevant and engaging research topic to share with a wider audience, please inform us. It is probably easiest to provide this in the form of a pre-made video.
Showcasing you fieldwork: Submit a photograph or short video of your fieldwork (or laboratory / other work) along with your name, location and one sentence explanation. To be placed in an online gallery on the APECS NL website and possibly on the website of the ‘Dutch Poolsymposium 2020′. 
Visual presentation of your research: Make a “Frostbyte”, a cartoon or another visual presentation of your research. To be placed in an online gallery hosted by APECS NL and possibly on the website of the ‘Dutch Poolsymposium 2020′. Frostbytes will be submitted to an online gallery hosted by APECS.

If you want to propose a video talk, please inform us a.s.a.p. Other contributions should be sent in before November 24th.


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