Online Dutch Polar Symposium 2020

Dear polar researchers,

Winter is approaching, which means that it is time for a new Poolsymposium! This year, the annual Dutch Polar Symposium (“Poolsymposium”) that NWO organizes in collaboration with APECS, will take place online. The programme will consist of a 1-hr webinar hosted by polar meteorologist and weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke, accompanied by an online platform that will showcase highlights of Dutch Polar Research and contributions by APECS NL members. Interested to contribute? Please have a look at our earlier post. We will feature your submissions on our own site as well.

To register for this event, please have a look at the dedicated website ““. We hope the page will soon be filled with contributions of APECS members! Please let us know if you have any engaging stories, scientific breakthroughs or unique fieldwork / lab moments to share.

We hope to see you online at the event.

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