Patrick Rozema

copyright-pd-rozema-rug24-kleinPatrick Rozema is a PhD-candidate funded by the Netherlands Polar Programme and working from the University of Groningen. He focuses his research on how phytoplankton communities change along environmental gradients and how these changes occur at different time scales. He became a member of APECS Netherlands during the launch event in June 2012 and joined the board in November 2016.

During his childhood, Patrick was always fascinated with the marine environment. However, not until diving on the marvellous Great Barrier Reef did he realize that he wanted to work on the diverse environment underneath a vast and seemingly empty surface. After his BSc in Marine Biology, he went on his first research cruises on the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean while his study programme brought him to universities in the US, Germany and the Netherlands.

Thereafter, he was selected to partake in the first field work campaigns launched from the then-new Dutch research facility at Rothera research station on the western Antarctic Peninsula. Two summer campaigns complemented with other year-round sampling efforts allowed him to study how microbial community varies its composition and productivity in relation to variability in e.g. sea ice, water temperature and glacial melt. A wide array of techniques, from shotgun sequencing of metagenomes to classical microscopy is employed to elucidate these differences in relation to, sometimes subtle, environmental gradients.

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