How the Emerging Leaders 2018 program helped to ‘connect the Arctic’

This year, APECS member Marjolein Admiraal joined the Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders program in Norway. Marjolein is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen, working on polar archeology. You can read about her experiences below. How the Emerging Leaders 2018 program helped to ‘connect the Arctic’  By: Marjolein Admiraal The Emerging Leaders program is … Continue reading How the Emerging Leaders 2018 program helped to ‘connect the Arctic’


New board members

APECS Netherlands is looking for new board members! Are you interested in working in a team of polar enthousiasts and organize APECS events, update the Dutch polar community on the latest polar news, or represent APECS Netherlands in the APECS (international) board? Then fill in the website contact form for more information. 

2 PhD and a postdoc position available in Marine Viral Ecology – NIOZ

Currently 2 PhD positions and one Postdoc position in Marine Viral Ecology are open for application at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) on Texel, Netherlands. * The first PhD position is within the FePhyrus project: "Iron limitation and viral lysis, phytoplankton caught between a rock and a hard place" For more information … Continue reading 2 PhD and a postdoc position available in Marine Viral Ecology – NIOZ

Questionnaire NWO Committee Polar Infrastructure (CPI)

Dear Polar Scientists!, You might have already received this message via an email we have sent around this week, but just to be sure we reach as many active polar researchers as possible here is another call to fill in a questionnaire of the NWO on the current polar infrastructure and needs from the active … Continue reading Questionnaire NWO Committee Polar Infrastructure (CPI)

Anglo-Dutch collaboration on Antarctica

The scientific journal 'Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography' has published a special edition on the marine system west of the Antarctic peninsula, with contributions of Dutch scientists amongst which our APECS Netherlands members Patrick Rozema, Libby Jones and Tristan Biggs. The edition highlights the fruitfull Anglo-Dutch collaborations. Here you'll find the links to the NWO … Continue reading Anglo-Dutch collaboration on Antarctica

PhD positions

Two PhD positions became available at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) and the University of Utrecht (UU). The first position focuses on the migratory bird Branta leucopsis (or the Barnacle goose), whereas the other project aims to reconstruct the Southern Ocean surface water structure and dynamics during the Oligocene and Miocene. For more information on both … Continue reading PhD positions

Toekenningen Nederlands Polair Programma

In de financieringsronde van 2016 van het Nederlands Polair Programma (NPP) heeft het domeinbestuur dertien aanvragen goedgekeurd. De nieuwe onderzoeksprojecten gaan onder meer over de gevolgen van de ontdooiende permafrost, invasieve soorten, lichaamsverkleining bij trekvogels, bodembacteriën en een klimaatkoelend gas. . . . lees hier verder!

11th edition of ‘Pool tot Pool dag’ – 11 March 2017

On March 11th 2017 the 11th edition of 'Pool tot Pool dag' was held in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. 'Pool tot Pool dag' is a yearly returning polar outreach event organised by Jack Kauw, Michelle van Dijk and Frieda van Essen, where people from different disciplines in polar research/art present their work for … Continue reading 11th edition of ‘Pool tot Pool dag’ – 11 March 2017

Arctic Frontiers 2017 – Tromsø

In January this year several APECS Netherlands members joined the yearly Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø, Norway. Below you’ll find short personal reports on the different experiences of APECS members Max Holthuis, Fokje Schaafsma and Douwe Maat who joined the meeting and associated programs. We want to encourage APECS Netherlands members to consider application to … Continue reading Arctic Frontiers 2017 – Tromsø